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In times of hopelessness & despair there’s a certain need for Dreams.

Not just a Dream 2 Dream but rather a Dream 2 live.

As I’ve always mentioned, living your life like there’s no tomorrow & creating the most of every single situation makes it all worth the while….not matter.

It’s surely best 2 put forth the effort & live with the outcome rather than not try at all.


I was once told that acts of denial, rejection, criticism or simply being told NO has never killed a single soul.

Not one.

Life’s a lesson with each one perfectly placed 2 prepare you for the next starting first with a single Dream.

Yep!…a Dream.

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)







Life is like a crack in the mirror where sometimes it seems 2 never get any better.

Lookiin’ @ your own reflection daily, it’s realized…same old face…& for some reason or another you’re dissatisfied.

Tell me…What are you running from?

You can run & hide where you can’t be found but @ the end of the day, its still just you on the “INSIDE”..

closeuppromoPretendin’ is exactly what you’re doin’ & know it’s nothing short of a lie.

Still once again, it’s just you on the “INSIDE”…
You cant outrun you so why even try?

Accept true self & allow life 2 take you where intended.

You’ll be surprised @ the outcome….


Peace!….with 2 fingers;)



Hmmmp!….another day.
Needed 2 do a bit detoxin’ so been away for a bit…

but then again who really cares. Right? lol.
Been on that constant personal journey with self & once again another testament slaps me straight across the dayum face.



Constructively passin’ the time, decided 2 do a
crisper upgrade @ 2.0 with the whole
“Weddington” thing.

Gotta do something 2 keep my head
outta the dumps.
Ya know?

Knowledge is infinite & you’re never 2 old 2 know.
That’s a tough pill for some 2 swallow
but remains constant and true.


One minute you’re comfortable and easy then…

Something comes along with a
different turn which makes you
want it so much more.

This time it’s gonna take effort & some extra work.
That’s cool cause it’s worth it & is why I’m takin’ it

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)



This is the signature of a place where creativity took root.
Without the wonderful gift of an artist,
beauty of expression will never have it’s place.

The neighborhood of Rogers Park
is where it all began.

theheart promo

There’s so much that can sum up the experience

but find it much better 2 simply live it.….

Dayum I miss that place.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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