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Why look for the worst when everything is actually good?
….wrong when it’s right.

No need 2 complain
for it’s all about perspective.


What is it gonna take for us 2 realize
this could all go away in a blink of an eye?

Seems 2 happen all the time
when the whole world is in your hands &
don’t even know it.


Guess it’s just how you look it.

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)




I find it pretty amazing how life can take you places when you challenge risk & open up 2
greater possibilities.

No matter how crazy it may appear, there’s always something 2 take from every single situation whether good or not so.

Off again on another one of those Weddington Adventures where we headed
through the islands off the
eastern shores of Maine.
(…with the trusty Canon in hand of course…duh!)


The scene was totally surreal with an unique culture all its own. For one, never knew people could take seafood so seriously.

(if you’ve ever wondered where crab / lobster country was, this is certainly the place.)

Quaint towns, plenty of seafood, colonial homes
& a loads of water…

(I’ve never seen so much water in my life!….)
by the way, it was !@#$%^&* cooold!


Surely the scenery would’ve been so much more nostalgic well into the summer months but for the very first run through, it was pretty sweet.

Oh, did I mention that it was !@#$%^&* cold?…lol

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)



Once upon a time there was guy…
Ultra sensitive 2 the untruth & sorta
an underdog in the greater scheme of things.

Questioning of one’s self,
Often would they wonder…
“Should I compromise for the lesser of anything good?”


That’s when it was revealed 2 create it’s very own voice
& bond 2 the only thing they could truly stand on….

@ a time where hate & judgement runs the scene,
we all have the power 2 share our differences
& treat others with what’s
innately in our hearts

Finding that faith 2 move forward
whether on the unpredictable streets of Chicago,
the backwoods of azz backwards Georgia or the lighthouses of east coast Maine…

one thing remains true…


There’s a greater force 2 be reckoned.
You just have 2 know where 2 look.

It just may be where you least expect.

Oh, by the way,
have you looked @ your reflection in the mirror lately?


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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Hello World! ;)


Hello ladies & gents. People from every region both near & far.  We would like 2 formerly introduce ourselves as something a lil’ bit different from your typical dynamic. No we can’t fly nor leap tall buildings in a single bound…yet still, we’re pretty special. Obviously we’re an interracial couple (but who really cares…right?) but we’re rather artistically favored with a creative edge & one spunky 12 year old son Khalid. We enjoy making the simple more, the small bigger & the weak stronger.

Meeting on Facebook nearly 4 years from the date, we’ve had the opportunity 2 document our experiences & as previously mentioned, made them much more.

Photography has always been a hobby where you can capture a moment & relive them whenever your heart contents



That’s an awesome craft 2 share & will always remain a passion….but wait..there’s more…


It wasn’t soon after we met that Lady Tammy picked up a small cheap portable Kodak camera from the local Walmart which led an interest of capturing our lives through video. Now how cool is that where you’re able 2 relive life in full complete motion….Woohoo! So….with our favorite style of music we’ve create a series of YOUTUBE music videos we like 2 call

The Weddington Adventures:


So what is there 2 do with a slew of pictures & music videos?…hmmm…Well how about a blog or 2 or even 3?

Peace!…with 2 fingers;):


The Weddington Adventures:


Peacefully Perfected:


…So in retrospect, with creative music video &  photography we’re able 2 enjoy & periodically update / share our awesome experiences as they come along. Unsure of every situation, it’s interesting 2 see what actually happens next. So continue 2 drop by from time 2 time while we continue what we do best….SHARE…..


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

Dear Diary.


Dear Diary.

Dear Diary…

The last several months have been such a learning experience unlike any other.

Ranging from the deepest of valleys 2 the highest peak, this emotional roller coaster has led me 2 a place where love is truly love.

Concrete buildings replaced with beautiful trees –
Unusual noises taken over by the singing of birds –
Slow moving traffic now becomes two way streets…

This is where it truly begins…Yep!

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)