Spending the day watching my ESPN, NFL network & laundry…….Yes…laundry.

Fortunately these days there’s the awesome luxury of washer & dryer…..Woohoo!!…


It was just yesterday when we were attending the local laundrymat while carrying loads of clothing up & down stairs was the norm.
Now, having such machinery has become a definite God send.

Not that I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again or anything but man isn’t great 2 stay home while keeping dirty underwear for you & your eyes only? lol…Now I know you know exactly what I mean…


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

Portland’s Interpretation.


d5Was feeling kinda guilty for doing the couch potato thingy the last several days with absolutely no regard for productivity of any sort. No shame really….lol…it is what it is.


So therefore….thought it’ll be the most perfect time 2 share my most recent stroll though the streets of Portland.

Here’s my visual interpretation with trusty Canon in hand…that’s right!

Up the steep angled vintage streets…Whew!…Ok. Why are the streets so dayum steep? lol.

From Forest Ave in the belly of downtown to the eastern shores of Sopo & the infamous Bug Light.

*You can see more of on my Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/peacewith2fingers/with/11189203726/


It’s definitely different photography from what  I’m accustomed but like an artist, switch it up & make it work!…

side note*…

Nothing I wouldn’t give for a Gyro with extra meat & hot peppers…Ugh…dayum I miss you Chicago ;/

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)