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The Soulful Songstress.



Peace!…with 2 fingers;)



Dreams have been built & we’ve celebrated some of the most perfect days but during the process those loved most have since left us.

RIP sister Vivian…you’re loved & missed ;(

ChapelpromoOn the other hand, there’s been times where we laughed until it hurt & prayed in empty parking lots where my friends were the church.

Come 2 think of it, looking back over the years, some of the very best support came from that element & wouldn’t have it any other way.
There’s nothing like a hefty life lesson learned.


Some how, some way we’ve come 2 realize that joy can take you 2 wonderful places while the pain could cut painfully deep…Ouch!

Excuse me…clear throat…

there’s fear,

there’s faith,
there’s loss,
there’s grace.
(in no particular order.)


It’s been seen on both sides yet still…we stand. Now this is what it means 2 be alive…


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


We Sell on ETSY!


ETSYpromo#2Took on a new assignment 2 compliment the Peace!…with 2 fingers thingy. Now we’re selling prints taken over the past several years on ETSY….that’s right!

8×10: $20.00
5×7: $10.00

All signed fine art photography taken by me, Darryl Weddington, located in South Portland, Me & Made In The USA! Wholesale inquiries welcome.

All prints are shipped within 5-7 days of receiving payment. Contact me if you need a “rush” order for information on express shipping.

PAPER: Photos are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper.
INK: Archival inks, professionally printed by a premier photo lab with luster finishes
SHIPPING: $3.22 any size.

Your photos will be carefully sealed in an acid-free cello sleeve and shipped to you in a rigid photo mailer.

**INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: additional charges will apply, please contact me for pricing.

See my entire collection here: peacewith2fingers.etsy.com

Oh by the way, please feel free 2 drop by for a little read at my blogs:

**IMPORTANT** Please check out my store policies before your purchase




Can you believe it’s been nearly 4 years & countin’ since Lady Tammy & myself joined forces?…

Not that you actually care less or anything but yes….

The many experiences shared along the way have been both fulfilling & challenging as we tackle the “WORLD”.


If you’ve just so happened 2 follow along, you would’ve noticed the moments of joy along with the sadness….Ugghh!!…up & down – up & down.

Despite it all, here we are as we continue 2 stand against the odds with the added hint of wisdom..

Now as each day passes on, we handedly prepare for the unexpected while @ the same time evolving into something much more.

What that is we’re totally unsure but man is it an experience….

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

Hello World! ;)


Hello ladies & gents. People from every region both near & far.  We would like 2 formerly introduce ourselves as something a lil’ bit different from your typical dynamic. No we can’t fly nor leap tall buildings in a single bound…yet still, we’re pretty special. Obviously we’re an interracial couple (but who really cares…right?) but we’re rather artistically favored with a creative edge & one spunky 12 year old son Khalid. We enjoy making the simple more, the small bigger & the weak stronger.

Meeting on Facebook nearly 4 years from the date, we’ve had the opportunity 2 document our experiences & as previously mentioned, made them much more.

Photography has always been a hobby where you can capture a moment & relive them whenever your heart contents



That’s an awesome craft 2 share & will always remain a passion….but wait..there’s more…


It wasn’t soon after we met that Lady Tammy picked up a small cheap portable Kodak camera from the local Walmart which led an interest of capturing our lives through video. Now how cool is that where you’re able 2 relive life in full complete motion….Woohoo! So….with our favorite style of music we’ve create a series of YOUTUBE music videos we like 2 call

The Weddington Adventures:


So what is there 2 do with a slew of pictures & music videos?…hmmm…Well how about a blog or 2 or even 3?

Peace!…with 2 fingers;):


The Weddington Adventures:


Peacefully Perfected:


…So in retrospect, with creative music video &  photography we’re able 2 enjoy & periodically update / share our awesome experiences as they come along. Unsure of every situation, it’s interesting 2 see what actually happens next. So continue 2 drop by from time 2 time while we continue what we do best….SHARE…..


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)