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Life is like a crack in the mirror where sometimes it seems 2 never get any better.

Lookiin’ @ your own reflection daily, it’s realized…same old face…& for some reason or another you’re dissatisfied.

Tell me…What are you running from?

You can run & hide where you can’t be found but @ the end of the day, its still just you on the “INSIDE”..

closeuppromoPretendin’ is exactly what you’re doin’ & know it’s nothing short of a lie.

Still once again, it’s just you on the “INSIDE”…
You cant outrun you so why even try?

Accept true self & allow life 2 take you where intended.

You’ll be surprised @ the outcome….


Peace!….with 2 fingers;)



There comes a time when you need 2 “STAND” for something or simply fall for anything.

That’s a motto passed around the block a few times I’m sure.
So how’s it working out for you? Hmmmm….

It begins with a sense of loyalty and commitment.
You know what that is right?….

If not then, well maybe outta know now rather than later.
Now the time has come 2 make the wise man’s choice.

Not just for self but for each & every one of us.
That includes YOU….yeah you!..

Peace!….with 2 fingers;)