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No one is ever perfect but know there’s wonderful favor if you only BELIEVE.

With opened eyes you soon realize that everything spoken can actually BE.

An imperfect you can still be used.
Not an option, nor a plan B.

Lift heads high cause it’s time 2 become more.

Strong enough to overcome daggers that comes along
cause GOD knew what he was doin’ choosin’ the “BEST”….


Peace!….with 2 fingers;)

Better 2.0


It’s been nearly 3 months & countin’ since making the impulsive move 2 the backwoods of Georgia.

This experience thus far has been a quite interesting one while runnin’ across some truly good hearted peeps.

There isn’t one episode that hasn’t taught us a plenty about where we stand in the midst of all things…

It surely comes 2 show how life can continuously throw a variation of punches your way…

& if you’re not on it, BAM!

TKO! (Ugggh!!!)

It’s been quite the adventure while we learn more & more about ourselves as individuals….& as a couple…(of course.)

All of this can do absolutely nothing less than make us “BETTER” for ourselves & everyone else.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)