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Now matter how you try 2 show others who you truly are,
most refuse 2 understand & continue 2 deny.

People judge as though we’re not unaffected…
but we are….really.


Whatever the case,

there’s nothing left 2 prove so stay true for it’s a problem
not of your own.

In a strange kinda way, leaving a sense of mystery
2 the mix is kinda cool.

Don’tcha think?

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)





Peace!….with 2 fingers;)



It’s nice 2 see Lady Tammy in such anticipation about her trip back home.
Portland, Maine that is.
The place where foundation lays.

It’s been way 2 long being apart from those who mean the most….

New plans on the way? …Hmmm…perhaps.
Life is what you make it so where ever the wind blows
just go with it.

Think of it as another one of those
Weddington Adventures on steroids…lol

It’s better that way 😉


Anyways, here’s a brief recap nearly 2 years ago
(Dayum!…that long?)…when we welcomed Tammy’s son Eddie 2 the Windy City for some sports bar action
@ the infamous Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville.

NFL football, burgers & beer….
what a better way 2 spend a Sunday afternoon.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)



As time moves on, a greater appreciation for where
we are & what we do takes place.

A constant reminder of things surrounded in strife brings about a true understanding of perspective.

Everyone is counted & things can happen in a simple “BLINK” of an eye.

Boom!…Just like that.


Now how’s that for vunerability?

Knowing that may not sit well for most but
keeping it on the positive seems 2 be the better option….


Peace!….with 2 fingers;)