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Visual Persuasion.


As a form of social influence, persuasion is the process of guiding an audience toward a particular idea, attitude or even an action. 
Video has given me the proper tools 2 persuade with the two most common senses. 

Videography has the power 2 change opinion and selectively give creative facts….
…but then along the way comes temptation 2 play the line between truth & untruth…hmmm

Life is composed of many shades of gray but truth may be defined by what an individual claim 2 know without regard 2 evidence, logic or fact.
Holding this power 2 present what I believe 2 be truth may be the very reason why I’m so drawn into this great art in the very first place.

Now that’s something 2 think about…Yep!

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)