I couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes down 2 son Khalid. Over the years, people have shared personal horrid stories about the trails & tribulations of raising a 16 year old  but thus far on this end, I’m set…

So I like 2 think.

I can remember when I was 16 when everything was confusing but still I believed I knew it all. Poor choices were made & petty matters were more difficult than they had 2 be…so looking at it from that perspective, yeah, we’re good.

I know young people need 2 have a choice all for the sake of personal empowerment but remember I’ll always be dad.


Readily available 2 teach you about the things you’re not so sure about even if I don’t even know myself,  protect you from the ills of this sometimes nasty world & just be THERE….there’s certainly a whole lot going on in theses times so it’s probably best 2 be that way. Would you think?


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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