(**flashback) – Superman.


The ups & downs that’s presented in no particular order makes life…ummm…let’s say, interesting.

It’s like Life 101 all over again and again and again….
(you get the point.)

You have 2 wonder; “Dayum am I the only mere soul
going through this horrible series of the uneventful?”
Nope I say. Not at all!


Kinda selfish but it gives the
comforting notion that you’re not alone….
& honestly, no one wants 2 go through stuff alone…right?
(*clear throat)

Similar case, similar scenario.

Who would’ve ever thought?

Live, Learn & remember 2 know the difference.

(Something I tell Son Khalid on a daily basis.)

Now it’s time 2 slap on the body armor & take it like a man.
Not just any man….


…Oh by the way, this video was made courtesy of an Iphone.

Yep! A simple phone.


Isn’t it great!

Peace!….with 2 fingers;)



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  1. great video – you need to give a tutorial on how to accomplish that! Regarding content – that “safe zone” sign really confused me. Does that work? Do gangs care if they’re fined more heavily and thus move out of the safe zone? (gosh, if so, we need to hang those things everywhere!) Things that make you go hmmm…


    • Thanks for the kind words. Was actually thinking about giving a class of some sorts on how 2 be creative with the camera. As for the “Safe Zone”….it’s something I’ve always wondered about. Does it actually work? Well…..I suppose. lol. Anything helps in these crazed days. Be sure 2 keep in touch & once again, thanks for the compliment. Until next time…

      Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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    • Thanks. Yes it was done using the iphone 3 a few years ago. After taking all the shots I imported them into IMovie on my mac & did some creative editing. Wow! Just thinking about it reminds me how long it’s been. Time waits for no one….anyways, thanks again for the compliment. Be sure 2 keep in touch….

      Peace!….with 2 fingers;)


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