Don’t have much 2 say this time around except for great anticipation of greater change.

There’s been times lately where today seemed similar 2 yesterday which shamelessly stemmed from a sophomore effort on my part.

Hmmph!…you find you’re holding on 2 everything you know but the strength 2 move beyond is found in actually letting go.

No need 2 fear the change knowing we’ve only just begun on this adventurous journey.



….because with fear comes hope the same
& tomorrow’s gonna come whether you like it or not.

“It’s like learning how 2 drive on a crowded highway & whether this dies or stay alive, happily I did it my way.”


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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  1. I realize the video is much more than this but, you should market this vid to Huddles, looks and sounds like a great commercial…great editing…and the track adds to its dynamic…peace bk…


    • That seems like an awesome possibility. Was considered along the way while shooting the video. Actually in the process of promoting small businesses in the area. We shall see. Thanks for the compliment & valuable input. Be sure 2 keep in touch. Yep!

      Peace!…with 2 fingers;)

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