Once again, out & about in sunny Atlanta for some RT
(Recreational Therapy).

So what is there 2 do?…hmmm….
How about taking in the sights?
Let’s see…

There’s the CNN building which we’re huge viewers,
the golden dome known as the people’s capital…

Lets see whats in there….
the small spot with the big metal pig on top?
Lets have some BBQ.


OK, enough of this…lets go…

Look at that house! Look at that lake! Look at those stairs! Oh!….there’s a swing!

“lets go here!”….
….”but T that’s not our house. I rather not.”

Now we’re knocking on some stranger’s door & before you know it we’re enjoying the beauty as if it was our own.

…that’s just how we “PLAY”.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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