Never really been big on birthday celebrations where all the focus is you.

Though it may seem hard 2 believe, I’m not much on the spot light…(seriously though)
The video thing is from a completely different angle.

Anyhoot, Tammy & crew decides 2 show some extra love with a surprise celebration for my 42nd…
(even though I appear 25….ok, ok…35 – maybe.)

What a way 2 spend your special day.
Awesome Son.
Crazily beautiful woman
& a house full of loving people…

Interesting 2 say the very least.
It’s just all in a day @ the Willey’s House of Wayward Wanderers here in the dirty “SOUTH”.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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    • That’s funny. Would surely be nice 2 relive 25 all over again….then again, 42 is pretty sweet. Thanks for the birthday wishes & yes it was quite special. Had a fabulous time. Be sure 2 keep in touch, stay encouraged & once again, thanks! ))

      Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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