Just thinkin’ after watchin’ local based channel 9 Chicago news….

Some of my most favorite times in good ole’ Chicago was the Taste.
A time when the fireworks were plenty, the concerts were free & the food was…well, less expensive.

Now here we are @ a time where Chicago’s greed & poor local government has destroyed such a rememberable occasion just 2 fill their own pockets.

Many of my childhood memories stem back 2 Grant Park, the several dozen food vendors & the variation of people from all walks of life….

Now, there’s absolutely nothing…Not a dayum thing!!!!
Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Once again, Chicago puts it’s people last & themselves first.

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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  1. Though I did stay long enough to visit the Taste, I had stopped going many years prior to me leaving. For me it started to go down when Burger King had a booth, Burger King. I am expecting to a Taste of Chicago, not something I can get on any day of the week. It is sad.


    • Agreed. Once you see a Burger King booth, I suggest you run for the hills. What once used 2 be such an awesome event has turned into a complete sham. What a waste of potential for outside revenue for the city itself. Anywho, thanks for the comment & be sure 2 keep in touch. Until next time…

      Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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