Since moving 2 the state of Georgia, things have slowed down a great deal which has given me the much needed time 2 regroup & gather


Life is so very constant & can be a bit overwhelming @ times leaving
little time 2 embrace the awesomeness of it “ALL”.

In this case, it’s the wonderful experiences & memories with the nucleus of family.

It’s like reading a book…
If you’re 2 busy tryin’ 2 get through it, you tend 2 lose the point & THE most important principles.

That’s why it’s so important 2 gather thoughts & recollect the beauty of it “ALL”.

It’s as simple as a trip 2 the local mall for a shoppin’ spree….
re: son Khalid’s 11th birthday.

Once again, with photography & some cool video, memories become so much more.

Something that’ll never go away.

So why go for just a lil’ bit when you can actually have it “ALL”?

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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