Another day goes by….(deep breath)
Needed 2 do some serious detox from the city life & recharge the battery out here in Sharpsburg…
…. but then again who really cares. (smiles)

Lately been on another personal journey with self & once again
another testament of life slaps me straight across the dayum face.

(Ouch!)..they seem 2 come less often than before but still man!

Decided 2 do another Weddington Adventure blog due 2 the extra backlog of pictures, videos & awesome spuratically random ideas.
So now there’s:

Peace!….with 2 fingers;)
& of course the one you’re currently reading on.

Anyways, sharing ideas creatively similar 2 knowledge is totally infinite where you’re never 2 old 2 know & of course…share.

That there will always remain constant and true.


One thing discovered thus far is that there’s no time 2 show fear & if there’s something you really want then it’s best 2 just go get it.

With that comes added effort & something extra which is considered fairly cool cause it’s surely worthy of the cause.

(another deep breath)….Takin’ it “SLOW”.


Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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