The ups & downs that are presented in no particular order makes life…ummm…let’s say, interesting.

It’s like Life 101 all over again and again and again….
(you get the point.)

You have 2 wonder; “Dayum am I the only mere soul
going through this horrible series of the uneventful?”

Not a good thing but it gives the
comforting notion that you’re not by yourself.
& honestly, no one wants 2 go through stuff alone…right?
(*clear throat)

Similar case, similar scenario.

Who would’ve ever thought?

Live, Learn & remember 2 know the difference.

Now it’s time 2 slap on the body armor & take it like a man.
Not just any man….


Peace!….with 2 fingers;)


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  1. Many of us are struggling through tribulations. The theory is we will be stronger on the other side, that we will be better equipped to help our planet transition into a better place.

    It’s not easy and I’ve had moments when I wasn’t sure I would make it, but it does help knowing so many of us are struggling together.

    Peace right back at you. And best of luck.


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