Here I find myself in the middle of complete greenery. (That’ll be trees in case you’re wondering.) Imported from the Windy City of Chicago, Georgia has officially become my new home. A place of the unknown & backwards policy, I made a commitment 2 make the most of every situation no matter how frustrated. One thing for sure, it’s surely an adjustment.

First thing first is a new place of employment & gaining new clientele for my videography services. One thing I can say positive about this whole process thus far is the new pad found in the backways of Sharpsburg GA. Smack dab in the middle of the infamous bible belt of the South a few miles between Newnan & Peachtree City. Witnessing the long stretch of churches reminds me of 79th street back home so that there isn’t much of a surprise.


Another thing is my family back home that I hardly ever seen much even when I was there. Now here, I miss them all….cousins, brothers, sister & mother. Good thing for cameras & smart phones for that makes all this so much easier but then again, need 2 make future plans 2 revisit. Ok then….gotta run….Yep!

Peace!…with 2 fingers;)


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